Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craig's List Lost Lover?

Thursday's weather was less than perfect for sure. A wind storm at minimum. So, I thought that it would be a blah day. Well, I was most definitely wrong. I went into work...yes, I'm always at work.. and my fabulous manager..BeBe.. told me some exciting/interesting news. BeBe's friend had come in the day prior and asked her if she'd helped a man with a particular pair of jeans that was also having a rough time in IKEA. BeBe told me she hadn't and asked why. Her friend said, that she had saw a posting on Craig's List under the Missed Connections section. Below is the posting:

When BeBe told me about it, I knew exactly what guy it was! Cause I helped him! I remember the conversation about IKEA and how we both were easily capable of being lost in that gosh darn furniture warehouse. He was charming and we did have a nice conversation. But I was surprised to hear that someone was searching for me! He said he want to meet for drinks? ... yikes, too bad I'm not old enough to have "drinks"...hahah!

Well, I'm sorry man with the pants-lost-in-Ikea, I'm too young and taken, but I hope you find another gal worthy of your company! And maybe for your first date can be at Ikea, and you can dinner of 23 meatballs for under $3!

Mysterious love... all thanks to a pair of jeans... who said jean shopping wasn't fun?


  1. Lost Lover...was he cute...might he go for a twin of yours?! :)

  2. He wasn't Brad Pitt or anything, just a simple man, buying a pair of jeans!


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