Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Time No Blog

So sorry I have abandoned you... missed me?
Any how, happy new year to you all and happy early birthday to me!
Clearly, I haven't posted in forever because I have been so consumed with my busy life, but here I am again, to finally share it with you all. Let's see... what have you missed since October?...

I met Lauren Conrad.
Went to a fashion show.
Saw awful outfits.
Went to Jingle Ball.

I will try my best to not make this post too long.
Here's the recap:

Here we have me and Lauren Conrad at her book signing and private meet and greet at the Mall Of America. Yes, I know I spend a lot of time there... but this was actually quite the luck I had. The day before this I was thinking that I should go to this event and stand in line for hours like all of the other civilians.. but I was feeling a tad tired. Later, I listened to the radio, KDWB to be exact, they said "10th caller gets private meet and greet passes with LC tomorrow". So I called, thinking I'd get the same dial tone I always do, instead I get the DJ's voice, telling me I'm a winner! Long story short, my sister and I got Lauren's books, and got to meet her in all her glory. Another precious friend of mine noted that she resembled a wax figure of herself in this photo. What do you think? All in all great woman, super nice, super gorgeous and super good books, you go LC!


       MIA's The Circle "Focus on Fashion" Event

Me & designer Emma Berg
Me & my friend, Rick: courtesy of magazine
A new friend of mine told me about this wonderful event going on at the Minneapolis Institute of Art museum. On November 18th three local designers & models, and some local musicians pooled together to form this wonderful affair. The designers made mini collections to showcase on the runway, all inspired by the pieces of artwork in the museum. The theme was kind of wearable artwork. My favorite designer of the night would have to be Emma Berg, her designs were fresh, creative and definitely paid homage to the museums artifacts. All in all, a fabulous night with fabulous people!

Now, we bounce to the opposite end of the fashion spectrum... some fashion Doughnots. I know these are a separate segment, but I have seen so many faux pas over this winter break, that I MUST share them with you. Please, brace yourself.

wondering what compelled this boy to run in subzero weather? no, I'm wondering what made him want to do it with Hooters-like shorts on...

here, we can catch of glimpse...note* she is on the light rail to go to a vikings game at the's about 10 degrees outside...

ah! and the reveal! no, your eyes do NOT deceive you, she IS wearing pleather metallic platforms with a clear plastic peeptoe. Did I hear her speak russian? .. well someone did say the ballet was in town..

She wore this to an interview... at Macy's...
As you can see above, I was faced with a few fashion challenges this season. Very out of season and very out of place pieces on the streets this winter. I'm quite appauled and just might be at a loss for words...? Well if that made you want to vomit floral patterned plastic then this might cheer you up!

Here are a couple Do's I spotted:


local model spectating for the night in her inner city duds

Selena Gomez @ Jingle Ball '10

 Out of all of these, my sister and definitely obsessed over Selena's two piece Jasmine get up for the 2010 KDWB Jingle Ball concert. The jewel-encrusted bustier with the slitted billowy pants looked awesome on the itty bitty pop star. So glam! can't get over it!


floor seats!!

my sister and I, her first concert ever!
My sister and I and a friend of ours had a great time at Jingle Ball! We got an awesome deal on our floor seats just hours before the concert! Quite the day.. we saw a whole bunch of different artists: Selena Gomez, B.o.B., 3Oh!3, Mike Posner, Enrique Iglesias, Sarah Bareilles, The Ready Set, and Taio Cruz.

One of the fun acts would have to be 3Oh3!
oh Sean... please retire that shirt

They, however,  do not receive high marks for wardrobe.. I believe Sean, the shorter hair artist, wore that same shirt the last two times i've seen them in concert...
thumbs down for their stylist..which is probably themselves, and thumbs up for crowd pleasing.

I'm sure a lot of you may have heard about all the crazy crazy snow MN has been getting. So this inspired me to finally go out and get on my snowboard again! That, and I have a fabulous Montana trip coming up as well. So, I went out to the slopes to practice and brush up a bit with my family. Fortunatly for me, I am always the one with the camera so I have no pixel evidence of me on my ass in the snow. I love winter cause it's almost the only time of the year you can dress up like a marshmallow and still kinda fit in with the rest of the state. Like stepping outside in your down comforter and throwing on a faux fur muff, shearling hat, and sheepskin boots. Yes, I say this is ok.
Until next time...
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