Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craig's List Lost Lover?

Thursday's weather was less than perfect for sure. A wind storm at minimum. So, I thought that it would be a blah day. Well, I was most definitely wrong. I went into work...yes, I'm always at work.. and my fabulous manager..BeBe.. told me some exciting/interesting news. BeBe's friend had come in the day prior and asked her if she'd helped a man with a particular pair of jeans that was also having a rough time in IKEA. BeBe told me she hadn't and asked why. Her friend said, that she had saw a posting on Craig's List under the Missed Connections section. Below is the posting:

When BeBe told me about it, I knew exactly what guy it was! Cause I helped him! I remember the conversation about IKEA and how we both were easily capable of being lost in that gosh darn furniture warehouse. He was charming and we did have a nice conversation. But I was surprised to hear that someone was searching for me! He said he want to meet for drinks? ... yikes, too bad I'm not old enough to have "drinks"...hahah!

Well, I'm sorry man with the pants-lost-in-Ikea, I'm too young and taken, but I hope you find another gal worthy of your company! And maybe for your first date can be at Ikea, and you can dinner of 23 meatballs for under $3!

Mysterious love... all thanks to a pair of jeans... who said jean shopping wasn't fun?

Friday, September 24, 2010

America's Next Top... Celebrity Appearance Guru??

As I posted last week, I met the wonderful Tim Gunn. Well this week, I met the equally wonderful, Nigel Barker! Is he as tall and handsome in person? yes. Is his british accent as/if not more charming in real life? Double yes. 

Wednesday is usually my day off from the Mall of America, but a friend from work, we'll call her, Lo, texted me and said that Nigel was going to be at the mall for a book signing. Of course I couldn't pass that up! So, I changed into something more presentable than my college sweatpants and mulan bun and drove off into the rain. My sister, really loves Nigel, and would probably have his babies if she could. But anyway, I proceeded to buy two books for signing and met up with two work friends, Lo & Barber, and a new friend Claire. We were waiting for a little bit, mostly observing the fashion around us. Unfortunately some people thought it was okay to wear things like this to meet a FASHION photographer....

Fortunately, I also saw a few things I did appreciate!

a simple essential Gucci leather bag
simple adorable flats

His new book, Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation, is a great collection of his photographic work and wise words on how to bring out our inner beauty so that it shows on the outside. Completely appropriate! I have yet to finish the book, but so far so good! And a lot of former ANTM contestants and winner!

Nigel did do some speaking and Q & A's. 

Here, Nigel talks about what beauty is:

Here, he talks about the things that inspired his book and all of it's chapters:
(he also mentions that you don't have to be 6 feet tall and thin...good thing, cause I am most definitely not!)

And here's a clip of us doing our uber short cameo:

 Once it was our turn, I met Nigel in all his glory, and he was indeed warm and welcoming. He gladly signed both books after a brief conversation. Those cheek bones...  :]  before we walked off, a woman who worked for Nigel and beautyequation.com. She asked us if we wanted to do a small cameo for the website! So exciting! Although our lines were very minor and very short it was still fun to do! Hopefully it will be posted soon, I'll keep you all updated!

Until the next celebrity sighting, Walk in someone's Choos...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

R.I.P. TOMS :(

Last week was a tragic week for my shoe closet. We suffered a great loss... my beloved TOMS... :'(
My mother and I had an incident last week....all week.. Don't get me wrong I love my mother dearly and everything she does for me, but there are just a few things that I cannot stand about some of her mannerisms. One of them would have to be, replying "I don't know" to questions in which she DOES know the answer, but refuses to tell the truth in order to avoid conflict..mainly because it is of her own fault. 

So I was about to get into the car and head out for work, when I looked for my burlap TOMS shoes, which my dear friend, Farrah, graciously gave to me as a graduation gift. And they were nowhere to be seen! I usually leave my everyday shoes in the garage on shoe racks. And I had previously worn my TOMS two days ago. So I knew they had to be somewhere, I decided to ask my mother and sister, because I knew my sister had done some minor cleaning in the garage the day prior. She new what shoes I was referring to, but said she didn't throw them away or see them. My mom denied any allegations. I picked a different pair and went to work, pondering on the way there, if my mother had thrown them away and just didn't want to say so. She is notorious for disposing anything she deems "unfit"...but we'll get to that explanation in a bit. 

So, the next day rolls around and I still can't find them. Now I have even more reason to believe they are in the dumpster somewhere. I go downstairs and ask my mom and sister again...mainly my mother. Mother replies, "I threw away two pairs of your shoes a couple days ago" me = furious, "which shoes?!" mother,"one was white canvas and old" so here I am thinking..I was going to throw those things away anyway... I ask, "what were the other ones?" mother, "I don't know!" I ask again. Mother, "I don't know! snakeskin?!" I give up and go to work once again. 

It is now Day 3, and I am in full furry of my MIA TOMS...not cool. I venture downstairs into my mother's lair, and proceed to question, I get the "I don't knows" over and over again, I leave for work and return int he evening, hoping she might be holding them in her hands laughing and chuckling that it was all a mere joke. But I am wrong, again. Maybe, I was a a little harsh on my next move, but I was so agitated! So, I went downstairs and said to my mother, "you threw away my TOMS and you just don't want to tell me, cause you know I'll get even more mad!!!" she smiled a devious smile and said, "I don't know what you talking about!" aghhhhhhhhhhh this made me more angry! My mom then said, "I already told you I threw away two pairs, one white one and one cotton one".... AH HA!!! I knew it she changed her story! snakeskin now suddenly became cotton! "You're lying! you said something completely different yesterday! You threw them away and you have to buy me another pair!" mother, "fine, yes I throw it away! I don't care! They so smelly!!" (My mother lacks in the grammar dept, just fyi). 

So, after all of that, I'm left with: No TOMS, a mother that doubles as a culprit, and nothing to wear on TOMS day at work. 

Okay, I lied, there's no "TOMS day" at work, but I'd like to think so.

And, granted my mother was right that my shoes reeked, because burlap does not breath well and that's not my fault. That does NOT mean she can throw away stuff that's not hers. I guess I'll get over my lost TOMS, but next time I buy some, they are definitely going to safe hiding... and being washed before they reach that rancid state. 

* But, aside from all of that, I encourage everyone to buy a pair of their own TOMS at: http://www.toms.com/ and support the cause! One pair for you, and one pair for a child in need! They're cute and comfy! Just don't forget to febreeze! *


Post your favorite pair of shoes, or shoe's you're dying to have!

Until next time, walk in someone's Choos...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Make It Work"

As you know, I work at the mall, and tuesday just so happened to be my lucky day! I knew that the fabulous Tim Gunn was going to be at the mall this month for his book signing, but I didn't know when. I usually don't pay too much attention to those things because I'm too busy with work or school. But I got off early that day and made it just in time to get a wristband and get towards the front of the line to meet the great man! 

Turns out, his book is actually quite fabulous, and I recommend!

But he is even NICER than I had already preconceived! Absolutely the sweetest gentleman! I made a new friend in line, a middle aged woman, we'll call her.. Tasha. She was gracious enough to hold my spot while I relieved my toddler sized bladder. And we chatted quite a bit. Turns out this woman was a style consultant.. and that would explain my love for her jacket, shirt, pants and shoes. Style like that was not of the ordinary, everyday Jane. 
yes, that's me and Tim Gunn!

Tim & I, having a moment..

But, anyway, I had gone up to meet Tim finally and we chatted briefly, but he took time to take a picture and encourage me in my dreams of being the fashion industry. He asked me about school, and I said it was a lot of work, hard work. He replied, "Good, it should be. Make it work." and smiled. He gave me a hug and said, "I'll see you in the industry!" and I walked off the platform as Tasha got her book signed. I was worried this would be an impersonal signing, but he was the most polite well mannered person I had ever met! And funny too!

Here are some snipits I filmed of him during the speaking portion:

When asked if he were to be reincarnated into an article of clothing, what would it be? he said:

Tim, What fashion trend do you dislike the most?:

I know this is probably just a really cheesy celebrity sighting to the rest of you, but who wouldn't be excited to meet the fashion icon, Tim Gunn?!? I hope he didn't mind my mediocre outfit..  "/

and to my dear sister, if you're reading..."Tumbling squirrel, then Tim Gunn" <3

VMA-zing? ... meh.

This year's VMA's were slightly disapointing.. It wasn't so much terrible as it was bland. 
Things I did not enjoy:
  • Taylor Swift/Kanye montages
  • Chelsea Handler's hosting (in)abilities
  • Kanye's performance/song
As far as the actual show goes, Chelsea Handler failed to impress me..but maybe my hopes were too high? and Kanye reruns were getting old..fast.

But onto the things I did enjoy: 
  •  Justin Bieber's medley performance. 
  • Lady Gaga's meat dress and armadillo shoes
  • Kanye's performance/song
Yes we expected Lady Gaga's outfit to be a definite VMA highlight. But I'm not sure if anyone was expecting the meat dress/hairpiece/clutch. 

Designer, Franc Fernandez, hand sewed all of the argentine Matambre meat onto the corset bodice and platform shoes Gaga sported that night. 

It was reported by MTV, that the meat was indeed fresh and the night the Gaga was wearing was it's third day in fridgeration. Also, the dress was inspired by a piece Fernandez did for Gaga on the cover of VOGUE recently. In Vogue she wore an equally raw meat bikini. 

So I'm not sure if i  should throw tenderizer at her or if i should hold her meat purse like Cher. But whatever she was doing, it was working. 

Beside Lady Gaga's meaty endeavors, she did wear something that I absolutely adored. Here First outfit of the show: Alexander McQueen gown and armadillo shoes. 

She finally showed off her face instead of hiding it behind a mask made of gold metal spikes or whatever it usually is.. This paid tribute to one of my favorite designers but was still an attention-grabber... and I'm sure that's what she was aiming for. 

Next is Justin Bieber's performance, I adore this little Canadian kid.

He's so cute! And he might be the only white 16 year old that can get away with wearing satin leather jackets in multiple colors. Regardless, I admire his work and his dancing, cause we all know I'm a sucker for group dancing and his little Michael Jackson-esque moves. Even though he might be a little urban..and let's face it, I thought this kid was a little version of Sean Kingston when I had heard-and not-yet saw him; He is still well put together, that I can appreciate. 

Kanye, however, not only performed a song with VERY apparent, controversial lyrics, but wore a nasty red suit to go along with them.. 

To be honest, he looked more like the kool-aid man, than a respectable artist. But maybe his song delivered a bit of redemption? Many of you, as do I, believe that this was probably a song about himself, in regards to Taylor Swift... and perhaps an apology for wearing a crayon bodysuit to the VMA's.

Well, Thank you MTV, you never cease to entertain.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

People Watching & the MOA

So, I have the pleasure of working at the Mall of America. Here, there's an eclectic mix of people..to say the least. When my dad has free time, or when I and/or my sister take him shopping with us.. he buys a pretzel and a pepsi and sits on those benches you see outside of the stores; primarily for husbands and boyfriends while wives and girlfriends try on numerous outfits. But here, is where you can find exhibit A, my father. Even though my dad usually falls asleep, within the first 15 or 20 minutes of watching, he still told tales of all the "interesting" people he saw. 

But aside form all of that, It's not only people I saw today, but some fashion "Doughnuts" too. So unfortunate. 

I got out work early, it was fairly slow and my boss stated that I was looking a little rough.. After walking out of my workplace, I decided to sit down on one of those benches and collect my thoughts before I tried to drive the 9 minutes home while trying to keep my eyes open. This just so happens to be the place to witness some of this countries worst fashion faux pas'. After all, the MOA is the place for tourists to visit. As I sat on the bench chugging a bottle of water, I thought, what were these people thinking when they got dressed this morning? What store even sells an article of clothing like that? Where are they from? Do they all dress like that there? Then I had a thought of the days that I hadn't looked or felt my best.. today.. and then I felt a little bad for having the thoughts I had about those tourists and their outrageous get-ups. Maybe they were having "rough" days too? Instead of judging these strangers, I decided I'd have my own fun and engineer stories of how their style came to be. 

For me, my personal style is a result of my mother's closet and tendency to overdress. 
So the next time you see a women from Tokyo wearing a fanny pack, a shearling vest and crop poka dotted linen pants, remember that there's a possibility that she could be the most stylish one in her home town, and she probably think she's just as cool as you think you are. 

- post pics and comments of the outrageous outfits you've seen on the street and/or show your own personal style! -

*Note: Also, Please take time to remember and respect those who died, survived and saved on the day of September 11th, 2001. Not just today but everyday.*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Newborn Blog

Hello all, it is a momentous time in blog history, at the glorious hour of 4:01 am... kind of. This is the first of many blogs to come, please pardon the scattered thoughts. My brain and fingers don't often work so well together at such an ungodly hour. 

So, today just so happens to not only be the birth of my blogspot, but the day of a terrible mental dilemma I encountered. "Did I choose the right college?" Such question has been hounding my thoughts for about the past month, and my financial state, is truly that of a college student. Avery good friend of mine, we'll call her Farrah, handed me a few fashion magazines to read and gawk at while "watching" the first Viking's game of the season. And sure enough, I run across the horoscopes page. Always a key feature to any decent magazine. More often than not, I will read mine (aquarius) after the month is over, to see if it tells true tales. But this time, I decided otherwise and read a fortune that I was actually most pleased with. 

It basically told me that my money troubles will soon subside and my ability to concentrate and focus on the important things in life will help me make good decisions in the near future. Of course I'm a little giddy inside from receiving such news! Although, I normally have thoughts that involve irrational statistics of how many aquarius's there are in the world and how many of them are applying the same two sentence advice to their own lives; I decide to forget that just for this month and see if the stars will really align. 

Aside from my horoscope tribulations, I rediscovered..once again..my love for gold. A few pages post fortune telling, were two of the most breathtaking gold beaded couture gowns. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die". But even more so ironic, there Rachel was, a few more pages later in a spread of "I die" fashion statements. But my non lesbian love for RZ will have to wait for another day.. I digress.. 
I guess I "rediscover" the gold obsession I have almost everyday. Whether it's a shoe, a handbag, a dress...

a;ldskfja ;ifja 'eoprijf;a lkvn'poeirlnga;lfdkns;vfal;kdn30-4itqjv[ogn4ct;kb w it's 4:39am. I will write no more.

I'll post more soon, but until then, walk in someone's Choos

*I will post a Gold Nugget of the Week, as my feature must have gold fashion "find" for all of you to view and enjoy. *