Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Make It Work"

As you know, I work at the mall, and tuesday just so happened to be my lucky day! I knew that the fabulous Tim Gunn was going to be at the mall this month for his book signing, but I didn't know when. I usually don't pay too much attention to those things because I'm too busy with work or school. But I got off early that day and made it just in time to get a wristband and get towards the front of the line to meet the great man! 

Turns out, his book is actually quite fabulous, and I recommend!

But he is even NICER than I had already preconceived! Absolutely the sweetest gentleman! I made a new friend in line, a middle aged woman, we'll call her.. Tasha. She was gracious enough to hold my spot while I relieved my toddler sized bladder. And we chatted quite a bit. Turns out this woman was a style consultant.. and that would explain my love for her jacket, shirt, pants and shoes. Style like that was not of the ordinary, everyday Jane. 
yes, that's me and Tim Gunn!

Tim & I, having a moment..

But, anyway, I had gone up to meet Tim finally and we chatted briefly, but he took time to take a picture and encourage me in my dreams of being the fashion industry. He asked me about school, and I said it was a lot of work, hard work. He replied, "Good, it should be. Make it work." and smiled. He gave me a hug and said, "I'll see you in the industry!" and I walked off the platform as Tasha got her book signed. I was worried this would be an impersonal signing, but he was the most polite well mannered person I had ever met! And funny too!

Here are some snipits I filmed of him during the speaking portion:

When asked if he were to be reincarnated into an article of clothing, what would it be? he said:

Tim, What fashion trend do you dislike the most?:

I know this is probably just a really cheesy celebrity sighting to the rest of you, but who wouldn't be excited to meet the fashion icon, Tim Gunn?!? I hope he didn't mind my mediocre outfit..  "/

and to my dear sister, if you're reading..."Tumbling squirrel, then Tim Gunn" <3

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