Wednesday, September 22, 2010

R.I.P. TOMS :(

Last week was a tragic week for my shoe closet. We suffered a great loss... my beloved TOMS... :'(
My mother and I had an incident last week....all week.. Don't get me wrong I love my mother dearly and everything she does for me, but there are just a few things that I cannot stand about some of her mannerisms. One of them would have to be, replying "I don't know" to questions in which she DOES know the answer, but refuses to tell the truth in order to avoid conflict..mainly because it is of her own fault. 

So I was about to get into the car and head out for work, when I looked for my burlap TOMS shoes, which my dear friend, Farrah, graciously gave to me as a graduation gift. And they were nowhere to be seen! I usually leave my everyday shoes in the garage on shoe racks. And I had previously worn my TOMS two days ago. So I knew they had to be somewhere, I decided to ask my mother and sister, because I knew my sister had done some minor cleaning in the garage the day prior. She new what shoes I was referring to, but said she didn't throw them away or see them. My mom denied any allegations. I picked a different pair and went to work, pondering on the way there, if my mother had thrown them away and just didn't want to say so. She is notorious for disposing anything she deems "unfit"...but we'll get to that explanation in a bit. 

So, the next day rolls around and I still can't find them. Now I have even more reason to believe they are in the dumpster somewhere. I go downstairs and ask my mom and sister again...mainly my mother. Mother replies, "I threw away two pairs of your shoes a couple days ago" me = furious, "which shoes?!" mother,"one was white canvas and old" so here I am thinking..I was going to throw those things away anyway... I ask, "what were the other ones?" mother, "I don't know!" I ask again. Mother, "I don't know! snakeskin?!" I give up and go to work once again. 

It is now Day 3, and I am in full furry of my MIA TOMS...not cool. I venture downstairs into my mother's lair, and proceed to question, I get the "I don't knows" over and over again, I leave for work and return int he evening, hoping she might be holding them in her hands laughing and chuckling that it was all a mere joke. But I am wrong, again. Maybe, I was a a little harsh on my next move, but I was so agitated! So, I went downstairs and said to my mother, "you threw away my TOMS and you just don't want to tell me, cause you know I'll get even more mad!!!" she smiled a devious smile and said, "I don't know what you talking about!" aghhhhhhhhhhh this made me more angry! My mom then said, "I already told you I threw away two pairs, one white one and one cotton one".... AH HA!!! I knew it she changed her story! snakeskin now suddenly became cotton! "You're lying! you said something completely different yesterday! You threw them away and you have to buy me another pair!" mother, "fine, yes I throw it away! I don't care! They so smelly!!" (My mother lacks in the grammar dept, just fyi). 

So, after all of that, I'm left with: No TOMS, a mother that doubles as a culprit, and nothing to wear on TOMS day at work. 

Okay, I lied, there's no "TOMS day" at work, but I'd like to think so.

And, granted my mother was right that my shoes reeked, because burlap does not breath well and that's not my fault. That does NOT mean she can throw away stuff that's not hers. I guess I'll get over my lost TOMS, but next time I buy some, they are definitely going to safe hiding... and being washed before they reach that rancid state. 

* But, aside from all of that, I encourage everyone to buy a pair of their own TOMS at: and support the cause! One pair for you, and one pair for a child in need! They're cute and comfy! Just don't forget to febreeze! *


Post your favorite pair of shoes, or shoe's you're dying to have!

Until next time, walk in someone's Choos...

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  1. hahaha i love the ONE picture of your actual foot, in your shoes! yet another very done blog post sarah! you have an art. poor TOMS, btw. we knew your mom did it all along!


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