Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Envision Artopia Spring 2012

I have absolutely no problem with going to an event solo. But I absolutely have a problem driving and parking in downtown Minneapolis on a busy Saturday night alone. Luckily, for me, my boyfriend does the driving and parking and I get to tease my hair in the flip down mirror. Big hair, don’t care. 
This past weekend a few friends, my bf and I went to Envision Artopia Spring 2012 at the Graves Hotel. Peter and I had gone to the Fall show in ’11 and loved it! VIP for this event is definitely worth the $. We sat in third row near the end of the catwalk. 
First we made our rounds to all of the caterer tables, fashion and jewelry vendors, and art galleries. We claimed our seats, opened our swag bags and sipped on our drinks. I was so excited for the show to start and even more excited about the fabulous view. At this point it’s about 15 minutes till show time and an insanely drunk woman tries to walk through our aisle carrying a tray of many drinks. 
What do you think happens next? ...
She spills the entire tray on me.
Broken glass, captain ‘n coke and cosmo’s all over me. And my Cole Haans. 
Luckily I was too shocked to do/say anything to her at the time. She was escorted out I was handed towels and I dried off by intermission. Phew -_-’
But on a higher note, the show was so great! I preferred the first half and actually the first collection by CounterCouture. It was modern, wearable, and young. Everything in the line was appropriate for Spring/Summer. Light fabrics, bright colors and clean lines. 
A lot of the lines and looks were provided by local designers and boutiques. 
The overall theme of the collections were mostly resort wear with a good mix of separates, dresses, and even menswear. But, just as at any showing, there are always a few impractical looks. 
The event was hosted by Joan Erakit of TheBrownGirlFiles. A portion of all the proceeds went to Free Arts Minnesota !
I'm wearing Rare Summer 2011,
Cole Haan pumps & CatBirdNY rings
If you live near, or are visiting around these times, definitely take the time to check this event out. Just remember to wear your raincoat in third row ;)
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boutiques & Bargains

It's a glorious day to be a Minnesotan! We're having strangely awesome weather (knock on wood). So I'm blogging to all of you from my deck with no shoes. Today was the perfect day to outdoor shop! I hit some of the best boutiques in the Twin Cities to bring you the latest trends, fuel my shopping addiction and of course enjoy this beautiful weather.

The trend I'm loving that's spreading the boutique stores, is yoga inspired jewelry. I'm sure it's bound to spread to the mainline stores soon. Lately, my sister is very into her yoga practices and it's given me another reason to shop for her new life style. These finds are for yogi's and non-yogi's alike. The most common pieces I've been finding are the ones incorporating the third eye. My new favorite jewelry designer is Blee Inara. They offer such a wide range of variety and quality pieces. Not to mention, AFFORDABLE! woohoo!
Here are a few pieces I've purchased from them. I got my pieces from Edina Boutique Melly, a Lilly Pulitzer boutique. If you're planning on a vaca in the Hamptons or looking for the best resort wear for the girly girl in you, this is the place to go. It's pink girly and has a vast selection of Lilly, Tory & Kate Spade.

After a pit stop to meet a dear friend at Cafe Latte in St.Paul I had to stop into my favorite local boutiques. First stop: Karma. Don't underestimate the tiny space, this neighborhood shop holds bunches of treasures! They have a good variety of up-to-date apparel and the BEST selection of earrings! Most of which are designed by local designers. I wound up holding off the earrings and opted for this gorgeous crochet crop vest; great to throw over any spring/summer ensemble.
TULLE Crop Vest in Cream

I walked less than a block away to Quince. This place is truly one of a kind. It's got a lil' country flavor and everything else. They also feature many local jewelry designers and some more of the third eye pieces. Another one of the trends I'm loving is petite jewelry and barely there rings. My online go-to is usually CatBird, a NY based company. But it's hard not being able to try them on. I found similar rings at Quince, and am obsessed!
As if I didn't already buy enough jewelry, I had to stop at Stella Blu, roughly a mile or two down Grand Ave. Here I purchased one plexi floral ring and a wired stone ring @ $6.99 each! The wired stone ring is one of my new favorites, it was hand made by an 11 year old local designer. She does hundred of styles and they are only available at Stell Blu! Again, I saw many of the Yoga inspired bracelets popping up everywhere.
p.s. one of you needs to buy that yellow dress, it's lonely bc I didn't!
By this time, I realized it was a good afternoon off and time to put my wallet to rest. I hope you spent this beautiful day wisely and in good company.

Until next time, walk in someone's Choos...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Last Season

It's been ages since I've graced the face of my own blog. I apologize. 
So many things have gone on since I last updated! This past holiday season (I know, very delayed), was a crazy one! My dear sister, was away in the land down under while I was left home to man the fort. I wore my sunday's best to what ended up being xmas cookies, takeout and dance dance revolution party of 4 cousins. But nevertheless, a wonderful Christmas. 

January was the beginning of this fabulous new year! I saw the Lion king and all of the glorious costumes and performers. Then it was my birthday. A romantic evening of sushi, ice skating, a lovely winter walk and a 1am gorge at Annie's Parlor. I also added this timeless piece to my jewelry box. 
That month, I also received the BEST gift in the mail. FREE SHOES. Yes, that's right, free shoes for a year from Cole Haan!! Eek! I opened my little green mailbox only to find that I won this fabulous prize from FNO! the only thing better than free shoes, is free shoes for a year! I will post my monthly pair of shoes on here as well. Here's what I've got so far:

I love love love them all! ^_^

This month I am allllll about the Spring collections. They are so inspiring! I feel a lot of the lines are going back to the basics and focusing on simple elements and feminine touches. 

(top/R-L : Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Rodarte, Elie Saab, DVF)

Hope you are all have a wonderful beginning to Spring!

Until next time, walk in someone else's Choos... (or Cole Haans ;D)
XOXO Sarah