Sunday, October 10, 2010


Every year there is the debate of what to be for halloween. I too am stuck in the same rut. I thought I'd do some HallowResearch and find out what everyone else is wearing!

Check out my past fave celeb Halloween picks:

In 2007, American designer, Marc Jacobs, showed up to a Halloween party, dressed as a Camel Toe!

This not only left me crying via laughter, but it definitely made many headlines! His creative costume was most likely the hottest as well.. under all that toe musta been quite steamy!

however, Sexiest costume would have to go to Kim Kardashian's princess Jasmine-like costume last year:

Going as a couple? Heidi Klum and husband Seal always have the most creative costumes. Last year, the power couple went as a Hindu Goddess and a very eccentric pirate!

As for me, I have no idea what I am going to be this year. Please, feel free to give me a few suggestions. I was thinking of reusing a Pocahontas costume from a previous year, but that idea was diminished by my sister's doing. She borrowed it last year and had a little too much fun and decided it needed a washing. But of course did NOT read the label. Pocahontas then came out of the dryer looking more like a shredded suede dinner napkin. Fortunately for her, I love her. And the only consequence, was to buy a new costume for this year. 

So whether you're going as a an inappropriate genital taboo or a symbol of religion, make it big and make it fabulous! ... or make it yourself! :)
Post pics of your fabulous Halloween getups!

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