Sunday, September 12, 2010

People Watching & the MOA

So, I have the pleasure of working at the Mall of America. Here, there's an eclectic mix of say the least. When my dad has free time, or when I and/or my sister take him shopping with us.. he buys a pretzel and a pepsi and sits on those benches you see outside of the stores; primarily for husbands and boyfriends while wives and girlfriends try on numerous outfits. But here, is where you can find exhibit A, my father. Even though my dad usually falls asleep, within the first 15 or 20 minutes of watching, he still told tales of all the "interesting" people he saw. 

But aside form all of that, It's not only people I saw today, but some fashion "Doughnuts" too. So unfortunate. 

I got out work early, it was fairly slow and my boss stated that I was looking a little rough.. After walking out of my workplace, I decided to sit down on one of those benches and collect my thoughts before I tried to drive the 9 minutes home while trying to keep my eyes open. This just so happens to be the place to witness some of this countries worst fashion faux pas'. After all, the MOA is the place for tourists to visit. As I sat on the bench chugging a bottle of water, I thought, what were these people thinking when they got dressed this morning? What store even sells an article of clothing like that? Where are they from? Do they all dress like that there? Then I had a thought of the days that I hadn't looked or felt my best.. today.. and then I felt a little bad for having the thoughts I had about those tourists and their outrageous get-ups. Maybe they were having "rough" days too? Instead of judging these strangers, I decided I'd have my own fun and engineer stories of how their style came to be. 

For me, my personal style is a result of my mother's closet and tendency to overdress. 
So the next time you see a women from Tokyo wearing a fanny pack, a shearling vest and crop poka dotted linen pants, remember that there's a possibility that she could be the most stylish one in her home town, and she probably think she's just as cool as you think you are. 

- post pics and comments of the outrageous outfits you've seen on the street and/or show your own personal style! -

*Note: Also, Please take time to remember and respect those who died, survived and saved on the day of September 11th, 2001. Not just today but everyday.*

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