Thursday, September 16, 2010

VMA-zing? ... meh.

This year's VMA's were slightly disapointing.. It wasn't so much terrible as it was bland. 
Things I did not enjoy:
  • Taylor Swift/Kanye montages
  • Chelsea Handler's hosting (in)abilities
  • Kanye's performance/song
As far as the actual show goes, Chelsea Handler failed to impress me..but maybe my hopes were too high? and Kanye reruns were getting

But onto the things I did enjoy: 
  •  Justin Bieber's medley performance. 
  • Lady Gaga's meat dress and armadillo shoes
  • Kanye's performance/song
Yes we expected Lady Gaga's outfit to be a definite VMA highlight. But I'm not sure if anyone was expecting the meat dress/hairpiece/clutch. 

Designer, Franc Fernandez, hand sewed all of the argentine Matambre meat onto the corset bodice and platform shoes Gaga sported that night. 

It was reported by MTV, that the meat was indeed fresh and the night the Gaga was wearing was it's third day in fridgeration. Also, the dress was inspired by a piece Fernandez did for Gaga on the cover of VOGUE recently. In Vogue she wore an equally raw meat bikini. 

So I'm not sure if i  should throw tenderizer at her or if i should hold her meat purse like Cher. But whatever she was doing, it was working. 

Beside Lady Gaga's meaty endeavors, she did wear something that I absolutely adored. Here First outfit of the show: Alexander McQueen gown and armadillo shoes. 

She finally showed off her face instead of hiding it behind a mask made of gold metal spikes or whatever it usually is.. This paid tribute to one of my favorite designers but was still an attention-grabber... and I'm sure that's what she was aiming for. 

Next is Justin Bieber's performance, I adore this little Canadian kid.

He's so cute! And he might be the only white 16 year old that can get away with wearing satin leather jackets in multiple colors. Regardless, I admire his work and his dancing, cause we all know I'm a sucker for group dancing and his little Michael Jackson-esque moves. Even though he might be a little urban..and let's face it, I thought this kid was a little version of Sean Kingston when I had heard-and not-yet saw him; He is still well put together, that I can appreciate. 

Kanye, however, not only performed a song with VERY apparent, controversial lyrics, but wore a nasty red suit to go along with them.. 

To be honest, he looked more like the kool-aid man, than a respectable artist. But maybe his song delivered a bit of redemption? Many of you, as do I, believe that this was probably a song about himself, in regards to Taylor Swift... and perhaps an apology for wearing a crayon bodysuit to the VMA's.

Well, Thank you MTV, you never cease to entertain.

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