Saturday, August 27, 2011

Katy & Kitty in the Cities

17 Costume changes. That's how many I counted at last night's Katy Perry Concert at the Xcel Energy Center. My sister is an uber fan of Katy, her fictional cat Kitty and her music. Although I enjoy her pop stylings as well, I am more a fan of her candy land inspired wardrobe.
My body is nowhere close to the perfection that is Katy Perry, but I'd say we are similar in build; petite frame, well-endowed chest region and average-to-minimal rear end. So it was fun to see how katy played up her shape in all of costumes. 
Here are just a few from last night:

Check out the Katy inspired outfits my sister and I wore for the show!
I hope you didn't get internet induced diabetes from looking at all of that! Hopefully I can share more costume footage with you all in the future! If you are ever feel the need to get girly, take a cue from Katy, throw on a british accent on (thank you Mr.Brand) chew some bubble gum and crank up"Peacock".
Thanks for reading :)

Until next time, walk in someone else's Choos...
xoxo Sarah

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  1. My guts have been spilled with laughter when you compared yourself. :p


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