Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Last Season

It's been ages since I've graced the face of my own blog. I apologize. 
So many things have gone on since I last updated! This past holiday season (I know, very delayed), was a crazy one! My dear sister, was away in the land down under while I was left home to man the fort. I wore my sunday's best to what ended up being xmas cookies, takeout and dance dance revolution party of 4 cousins. But nevertheless, a wonderful Christmas. 

January was the beginning of this fabulous new year! I saw the Lion king and all of the glorious costumes and performers. Then it was my birthday. A romantic evening of sushi, ice skating, a lovely winter walk and a 1am gorge at Annie's Parlor. I also added this timeless piece to my jewelry box. 
That month, I also received the BEST gift in the mail. FREE SHOES. Yes, that's right, free shoes for a year from Cole Haan!! Eek! I opened my little green mailbox only to find that I won this fabulous prize from FNO! the only thing better than free shoes, is free shoes for a year! I will post my monthly pair of shoes on here as well. Here's what I've got so far:

I love love love them all! ^_^

This month I am allllll about the Spring collections. They are so inspiring! I feel a lot of the lines are going back to the basics and focusing on simple elements and feminine touches. 

(top/R-L : Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Rodarte, Elie Saab, DVF)

Hope you are all have a wonderful beginning to Spring!

Until next time, walk in someone else's Choos... (or Cole Haans ;D)
XOXO Sarah

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